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What is KinkD?

KinkD is a new mobile app that aims at helping you find and establish a kinky relationship with the link minded people. The best thing about KinkD is the fact that it is totally devoted to fetish life. You can find people interested in every aspect and every kind of kinks. Right from foot fetish to BDSM and Bondage, all of it, in the same place, under a single roof.

KinkD is not just an app that lets you find a perfect partner for you, it is a community. It is kind of a place where you can connect, converse and make friends with people who have the same interests as you. What amazes me most about KinkD is the friendliness and the cleanliness the members of the community treat each other. It is not a place where people do not understand you and laugh at you. It is a place where people are open to ideas and are willing to participate in your fantasies.

Honestly, KinkD does not limit anyone to anything. It allows all kind of fetish to be listed and searched for. KinkD is derived by you and your kinks so limiting them means limiting the possibilities on the app itself which is totally against the idea of the app. Thus, it is safe to say that if you have an idea you would like to try, no matter how dark or dirty, KinkD can help you find partners for the crime.

What kind of people and communities?

You can find all sorts of people in the community. Right from dominant females to the super submissive couples – all of them are present on KinkD and want to have fun. The best way to experience the best of KinkD is by devoting time to using this amazing application on your iOS device. It is simple to install and use. All you need to do is to search the app and then create an account. Once you have the required setup, you are ready to experience a different world of sex and adult fun.

KinkD has a popular kind of an interface, in which you can view the profiles of the people interested in you and swipe them left or right as per your preferences and likings. You can even make use of filters available to modify the search results and have better and more fruitful opportunities. Just like in Tinder, whenever a match is found, you are notified and then you are given an option to talk further, get to know each other and decide if you two are good to proceed or not. Once good, you can then move on to fix the arrangements inside or outside the app for the real experience.

Are these real people?

Absolutely. Unlike many dating apps that do not really care to verify people, KinkD ensures that only real people get online. This is done through photo verification. It is important to understand the reason behind strict verifications that KinkD has in place. First, it removes the possibility of having bots on the system. Second, it makes sure that no one is wasting any one’s time. Since these are real people, they will always be talking to you only if they are interested. Also, such verification strictness rules out the possibility of having unwanted elements like gangsters and thieves on the app and eventually on your back. Therefore, to protect you from the unwanted sexual crimes, KinkD gladly added this big layer of security.

More about the Idea

You can call Thrinder as a Tinder for three people at a time. The app interface has the name, profile info, sexual orientation and a little ‘about me’ section where you are free to write anything you want. Once you start swiping the people left or right, you eventually end up in a match from where the real fun begins. You start communicating with people within the app, share sexy pics, discuss dirty stuff and finally set a date and venue to fulfill all your fantasies. That is all you need to know to start using Thrinder as soon as you are done with reading this review on the threesome dating app.

Membership Price

As already stated KinkD is an app that is totally devoted to the alternate lifestyle – a lifestyle that you would normally struggle to find. Therefore, it is important to understand what all can you expect from KinkD. If you are looking for love and long-term relationship kind of a thing, KinkD might not be the best place. KinkD is for open-minded individuals who believe in the concept of freedom of sexual satisfaction. This app is for the people who want to experiment with their sexual life and wish to take it one level above. Therefore, I would recommend you to use KinkD for the purpose it is made for – kinky sex and fetish fun. Other than that, proceed at your own risk.

Should it have a price?

A service like KinkD which can change your sex life and make it top notch and make your sexual fantasies come true is worth taking a membership. In fact, if you wish to have an active alternate lifestyle, this membership will feel more like an investment. KinkD charges you roughly 15$ a month and lets you enjoy and chat with everyone who you find a match with. The price drops significantly if you buy a longer membership plan. The best plan for me is the one which costs 54.99$ for 6 months of usage.

Verdict – is it worth it?

All of us have certain fetishes which we cannot fulfil on a daily basis. You might have a happening sex life but unless your kink gets satisfied, you will never achieve happiness. This is why I recommend using KinkD. It is an app which is worth every penny and every minute you put in. It has a real and verified community which is open to experimental sex and wishes to help each other. The best part is not that it lists all the fetish that you can think of, the best part is the fact that at 14.99$ a month, you get to fulfil all your desires. If you are still thinking, you are probably using the wrong head.

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